One by one, until there are none...

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways for you to help if you would like to give some of your time to helping these lovely furbabies. We are a growing team but we need all the extra help we can get, there is so much to do. Here are some of the key skills we are looking for.

Volunteer Roles

1. Photographer

Have a passion for photography and a love for pooches? Perfect! We are always on the looking for photographers to help our current small team of photographers. Photographers join us on our volunteer dogwalks and are encouraged to post these photos to social media. We also need our photographers to visit the shelter, and private kennels in La Linea & Los Barrios to take updated photos of dogs we would like to push for adoption. You don't need to be a professional, just someone with a passion for photography and a camera! Come on don't be shy.

2. Adoption Team Member

Prefer to take a more hands on approach? Becoming an adoption team member can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. It involves a commitment to visits to the shelter and kennels, meeting potential adopting familes and helping them complete the adoption process. Also involves scouting any dogs at the shelter that are higher priority and more desperately need a home. The ability to speak Spanish is a great help due to the shelter and kennels being located in Spain, however is not essential.

3. Facebook Crossposter

A big part of our adoption success depends on posting to social media, in particular Facebook. We have quite a large following and are well known and respected across the Facebook groups we use, therefore many of our adoption queries are a direct result of posting to a network of Facebook groups. The process of crossposting involves writing up a post about a dog in question, adding some recent photos and then repeating this same process across as many groups as possible. We provide the groups and information as well as photos.

4. Sponsorship Accountant

We have quite a number of sponsorships set up at any moment, with each dog having anything from 1-15 sponsors. Unfortunately due to the numbers of dogs and their sponsors it can become quite a task to ensure sponsorship is still being paid. We need someone or several someones to help maintain a list of our current sponsor dogs and their sponsors and chase up payments when necessary. Professional accounting experience is not necessary.

Interested in volunteering?

If you'd like to join the Animals In Need Foundation team, or feel you have other ways in whcih you can help we are always open to suggestions. Please do send us a message using the contact form below or message us via the Facebook group